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- Crafting quality content -

That's what Twenty of Time is all about. Carefully constructed articles supported by handcrafted visuals.

Hi, I'm Friso and Twenty of Time is my weblog. I started this website because I had a goal in mind: undistracted reading.

Twenty of Time is about taking it slow, about taking the time to truly understand. Think longreads, background research and reflection. Twenty of Time is built from the ground up as a reading experience to be enjoyed over a longer period of time. From the lack of a sidebar or pop-ups to the calm colour palette, the design promotes focus on the content.

Not the actual tools of a blogger

Not the actual tools of a blogger

The Content

Let's talk content. I write about questions that pique my interest. The main focus in this is technology, focused on digital privacy and security. To answer these questions I do research, note down my opinions, and write about my experiences. Sometimes I use myself and my surroundings as a test subject. I've hand-picked some examples to get you started:

Interpretation of the Twenty of Time logo

Interpretation of the Twenty of Time logo



The visuals

Most visuals on Twenty of Time are handcrafted. This is a time-consuming process, but I believe it's worth it. Having a visual style supporting the content promotes an enjoyable and engaging experience. In the future I hope to work together with inspiring graphical designers and artists on longform content.

I believe that a collaboration with talented individuals could bring out the best in the articles, really boost them to the next level.

The author

About me. My name is Friso. After my master's in Business & IT I started a traineeship at the Dutch government. I was born in 1991. You can do the math on that one.

I've managed to grow to a whopping 200cm, which apparently makes me stand tall in the 99.478th percentile in the Netherlands. In China, it would be the 100th percentile.

My narrow interest in life is everything. That's an actual scientific definition of a narrow interest. One moment I'm looking for information on subconscious influencing and the next on Roman military tactics. That said, I operate like a letter T: my interests are very broad, but at any given time my main source of curiousity is very focused. This focus often lies in a mixture of philosophy and technology.

My narrow interest

My narrow interest

Next to Twenty of Time, my free time is filled with reading (find me on Goodreads), operating my own small business and my awesome fiancée. I also like to have long, sometimes pointless conversations, play games and make facepalm-worthy jokes.

Let's connect

Making it all the way to the end is always a good sign. The internet is a place where people compete for attention. Usually, you have about a minute to convince an audience to stay. The fact that you're still here means you're cut from the right cloth.

Consider leaving your email address in the subscription box below to stay in touch. No hurries though, there's one at the bottom of every article.

Now go forth and read something on the blog!


As you know by know, my goal is to share ideas on certain topics. This may spark a discussion. You can comment on any of my articles. In return, I would request you to be nice and respectful. You know what that means.

Because I value privacy, I will mention here that I will use your data only to provide you a better website (analytics) and a weekly newsletter (email). Any changes to that policy will be communicated beforehand.

If you have any suggestions, questions or just want to say hi, contact me at mail@twentyoftime.com

When using any of my images, you are free to do so with proper attribution directly below the image. Proper attribution is either a link to my homepage, my about page or the blog post. Not a link to the image itself! My textual content holds full copyright.