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- Take a step back and think -

Twenty of Time is about taking it slow, about taking the time to truly understand. Articles are well-researched and aim to reflect on larger trends than what’s happening in the here and now.

Twenty of Time is built from the ground up as a reading experience to be enjoyed over a longer period of time. From the lack of pop-ups to the calm colour palette, its design ensures that you can take it in without distraction.

The Content

Let's talk content. I write about questions that pique my interest. My primary interest is technology, mainly privacy. My articles come in three primary forms: heavily researched, opinion and experience-based.

If you want to get reading right away, I advise you to check out the collections page, where you’ll find articles grouped around specific topics.

I like to make sure that each piece I publish is of the highest quality, which means a slower pace of creation than you might have come to expect from other blogs. In return, you can be sure that what you’ll find here is worthy of your time.

The visuals

Most visuals on Twenty of Time are handcrafted. This is a time-consuming process, but I believe it's worth it. Having a visual style supporting the content promotes an enjoyable and engaging experience. It’s also a lot of fun to do.

I believe that a collaboration with more talented individuals could bring out the best in these articles, so I hope to someday work together with inspiring graphical designers and artists on longform content.

The author

I’m Friso van Dijk, a PhD-candidate at the University of Utrecht and a Dutch government employee (as adviser on cloud, security and privacy). This I do 2 and 3 days a week respectively. My research focuses on organisational data use, where I look into how organisations can prove with a large degree of certainty that they manage data in a responsible manner

Aside from my work, I have the annoying habit to be interested in almost everything. One moment I'm looking for information on subconscious influencing and the next you’ll find me reading up on Roman military tactics.

While my interests are very broad, but at any given time my main source of curiosity is very focused. As mentioned above, this focus often lies on the societal aspects of technology.

Next to Twenty of Time, my free time is filled with reading (find me on Goodreads) and bothering my awesome fiancée. I also like to have long, sometimes pointless conversations, play games and make facepalm-worthy jokes.

My narrow interest

My narrow interest

Let's connect

Making it all the way to the end is always a good sign. The internet is a place where people compete for attention. Usually, you have about a minute to convince an audience to stay. The fact that you're still here means you're cut from the right cloth.

Consider leaving your email address in the subscription box below to stay in touch. No hurries though, there's one at the bottom of every article.

If you have any suggestions, questions or just want to say hi, contact me at mail@twentyoftime.com

Now go forth and read something on the blog!


I share my personal views through my articles. This may spark a discussion, one in which everyone is welcome to join. In return, I would request you to be nice and respectful.

All images are licensed under the creative commons license 4.0, you are free to do so with proper attribution directly below the image. Proper attribution is either a link to my homepage, my about page or the page the image came from. My textual content holds full copyright (aside from fair use of course).

If you decide to make creative use of any of my material, I'd love to know about it and share it.

Your privacy on Twenty of Time

Because I value privacy, I will mention here that I will use your data only to provide you a better website (anonymised analytics) and a weekly newsletter (email). Any changes to that policy will be communicated beforehand.

Twenty of Time places cookies from different providers, although I'm in the processing of eliminating as many as I can. You can block all cookies without any repercussion, although you might miss some minor functionality. The following cookie origins can be found on Twenty of Time:

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