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The habits of highly successful people: is there any truth to them?

Why our gut feeling about success may not be right

Success, we all want it in one way or another. Often, we look at the ranks of the famous achievers for inspiration. From what they eat for breakfast to the toilet paper they use, the habits of successful people have been overanalysed. Is there any reason we should even investigate them at all? Or should we analyse success in a different way?

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25 reasons why you should read this article

A clever scam for your attention

List articles are designed to make you click. It’s an overdone tactic that benefits nobody. They’re arbitrary, they’re don’t invite you to read the actual text and they sell crack to babies. Okay, maybe not the last one. But why do we see them so much? And why are we so compelled to click on them? Let’s find out.

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Captivate your audience by telling a better story

What I learned on a storytelling training

A good storyteller takes their audience on a journey. The story leaves them inspired and motivated. But telling a compelling story is hard. I recently went on a storytelling training and got introduced to eight common story structures. With the aid of these structures, it becomes easier to tell a gripping tale. It’s a great tool to tell your audience the story you want them to experience.

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4 ways the brain and food influence each other

A story of mad scientists and crazy experiments

Our brain tricks our body with food. Almost everything we eat affects our brain, but our brain also influences what we eat and how we perceive it. Food research is an interesting field, where our beliefs of the relation between our brain and food are being challenged every day. There has been some great food research with crazy experiments. After one piqued my interest, I went on a search and listed the most interesting effects the brain has on your food perception.

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Starting intelligent conversation

Cut past the small talk with these tips

The best way to have fun at parties isn’t the small talk. It’s having a deeper, more meaningful conversations in smaller rather than larger groups. The problem is that you often meet people you only see every so often. The rest are strangers. So how do you spark some intelligent, meaningful conversation and cut past the small talk? In this article I will share some of the successful methods I have been using to do just that.

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