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Unjust Technology Legislation I - Everyone is presumed guilty

Corporate and government interests dismiss human rights

You are innocent until proven guilty, or until you decide to go online. The internet used to be a haven of free expression. Now it’s a place where every individual is suspected of being a terrorist or a pirate. Governments are caught up in an arms race of mass surveillance and hardly anyone appears to stop and think about the direction we’re heading in. It’s time to take a critical look at the technology legislation that undermines the core principles of a free society.
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Physical privacy measures - control of your own surroundings

Privacy screen protectors and reflective glasses?

When you think of digital privacy, you think of digital solutions. You install a tracker blocker, you use different information in online forms and you look for privacy-friendly ways of communication. What you may never think of is that protection can be physical as well. Let's step away from the screen for a moment and see what's out there.
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