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The habits of highly successful people: is there any truth to them?

Why our gut feeling about success may not be right

Success. We all desire it in one way or another. We often look at the ranks of famous achievers for inspiration. From what they eat for breakfast to the toilet paper they use, the habits of successful people have been thoroughly analysed. But is there any reason we should even investigate them at all?
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Choosing the best adblocker for you

Reviewing adblockers for Firefox and Google Chrome

It may be a pop-up that blocks you from accessing a website. Or perhaps that video that starts playing on a volume your deaf neighbour can hear. At some point, online advertisements become too intrusive to deal with. This week I review some of the most popular adblockers to help you choose the one that fits your preferences for advertisements.
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Google Chrome: protecting the advertisement business

Google’s attempt at strong-arming the industry

We all know them, those annoying advertisements. Your screen gets blocked, a large advertisement loads and you're forced to wait before you can continue. Highly annoying. Now, such advertisements may soon belong to the past. Google Chrome is getting a built-in adblocker aimed at improving the user experience by blocking bad advertising practices. What's the catch?
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Giving up privacy: trade-off or resignation?

Different conclusions from the same argument

One of the most common beliefs about privacy is that consumers don't care for it. They don't mind the data collection and aren't worried about what's done with it. To them, the trade-off of giving up privacy in exchange for personalised services is either a neutral or a good thing. But do they really think that? Research point in a radically different direction.
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