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Password cracking and arbitrary requirements

How do password requirements help against hackers?

We humans are terrible with passwords. For that reason alone, developers make remembering and typing passwords a living hell. They want us to expand the character set by adding capital letters, numbers and special characters. And they want us to change our password at certain intervals. After decades of password use, what are the results so far? Do our passwords keep up with the exponential increases in computing power? Let's find out.
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Starting intelligent conversation

Cut past the small talk with these tips

The best way to have fun at parties isn’t the small talk. It’s having a deeper, more meaningful conversations in smaller rather than larger groups. The problem is that you often meet people you only see every so often. The rest are strangers. So how do you spark some intelligent, meaningful conversation and cut past the small talk? In this article I will share some of the successful methods I have been using to do just that.
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