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Your privacy on Twenty of Time

In short, Twenty of Time doesn't collect any personal data beyond that which you provide by subscribing to the newsletter or the contact form. A summary of the data processed is given below. The full legal text behind this privacy policy (in Dutch) can be found here.


Twenty of Time uses self-hosted analytics software (Matomo) hosted on The data collected is anonymised where possible and otherwise pseudonymised. The data is only used in aggregate form to analyse website usage. All potentially identifiable records are deleted after 3 months.

Twenty of Time honours the Do Not Track standard with regards to its analytics.

Mailing list: Mailerlite

The Twenty of Time mailing list service is provided by Mailerlite. A data processing agreement is in place and they are GDPR compliant.

Mailerlite collects anonymised statistics on the number of views and signups for the subscribe forms on this website.

When you sign up for the mailing list, personally identifiable data is used to track how often you open the email and which links you click on. Identifiable data is purely used for improving the newsletter and not shared with other parties than Mailerlite for processing purposes. Aggregated data (such as overall open and clickthrough rates) may be shared with third parties.

The data in Mailerlite will be stored indefinitely, being removed where possible within 7 months of withdrawing your consent.

Contact form:

The contact form is powered by They are GDPR compliant forms service. Your email is processed through their application and domain. A data processing agreement is in place.

If you wish to circumvent this, you can send your enquiries directly to mail[at]

Comments: Disqus

Disqus powers the comments of Twenty of Time. They collect non-personally identifiable information to deliver targeted content and advertising on other websites. Personalised tracking on comments appearing on Twenty of Time is disabled.

Seeing Disqus comments requires your explicit consent on each page visit, giving you control on when and where that data is collected.

Contact Information

Twenty of Time is a venture under Friso van Dijk, registered in The Netherlands under KVK-number 61032379. Friso van Dijk is the controller for all data on Twenty of Time.

For questions or remarks regarding this policy or your individual rights, you can email to mail[at] or