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Twenty of Time focuses on in-depth and well-researched content on a variety of topics. Each article is meant to bring something new to the table, be it insights in a failed privacy law or an opinion on critical thought.

The majority of articles focus on technology, primarily on digital privacy and security, with plenty of diversions in between. One week I offer my views on passwords and cracking them, while I may discuss storytelling structures the next. Browse around and see for yourself.

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Physical privacy measures – control your own surroundings

Physical privacy measures – control your own surroundings

Privacy screen protectors and reflective glasses?

When you think of digital privacy, you think of digital solutions. You install a tracker blocker, you use different information in online forms and you look for privacy-friendly ways of communication. What you may never think of is that this protection can be physical as well. Let’s step away from the screen for a moment and see what’s out there.

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