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Crossing the line with life event data

Dystopian data practices for monetary gain

What I remember most from my university graduation is the happiness of reaching a major milestone in life. Sharing it with my friends and family was an important part of that experience. It was posted to Facebook, I updated my LinkedIn profile, I got ready for my first job. What I didn't know was how marketeers would use that data to try and influence my life.
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EU2019: Which MEPs voted in favour of digital rights?

Analysing voting data of the European Parliament

With the European elections in two weeks, it's astounding how little the campaigns talk about digital rights. Just two months ago, thousands of people took to the street to protest Article 13. They were backed up by 5 million signatures on an online petition. They stood up for digital rights, only for our representative politicians to keep quiet. If they won't talk about them, we can at least look at how they acted: by analysing their voting history.
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Behind-the-screens of malware analysis

Interview with a ransomware expert

Over 350.000 new malicious programs are detected every day, built to exploit your devices. Ransomware attacks cause hospitals to shut down and inflict hundreds of millions in damages. Whilst malware has become more sophisticated, so have our defenders. There is a whole community out there fighting to keep our networks and PCs safe. Join me and ransomware researcher Fabian Wosar for a look into the world of anti-malware.
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Unjust Technology Legislation III - Analysis of Article 13

The European Union’s next big mistake

From silently pushed legislation to serious public critiques, the history of technology legislation has seen it all. The EU prepares to take it one step further by wanting platforms to use unproven technology to protect economic interests. Article 13 of the new Copyright Directive is setting up for disappointment.
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