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How do smartcards work?

Digital security on a critical piece of technology

Electronic cards have become so common in our everyday lives that we seldom spare a thought to the different types of cards that exist or how they work. The SIM cards in our phone, the ticketing cards we use for travel or the credit/debit cards without which we cannot live or leave our house. But what exactly goes in these cards and how do we know they are secure? In this article we will explore these and other questions that come to mind.
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Behind-the-screens of malware analysis

Interview with a ransomware expert

Over 350.000 new malicious programs are detected every day, built to exploit your devices. Ransomware attacks cause hospitals to shut down and inflict hundreds of millions in damages. Whilst malware has become more sophisticated, so have our defenders. There is a whole community out there fighting to keep our networks and PCs safe. Join me and ransomware researcher Fabian Wosar for a look into the world of anti-malware.
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