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Hi, I'm Friso

Do you also think that too much of the internet screams for your attention? Because I do. That's why I decided to create a website dedicated to reading content in peace. Not some place to harvest more clicks.

With Twenty of Time, I provide an online space where you can come to read something more substantial than a fleeting two-minute news item. I want you to feel that your visit was worth your time.

<p>Friso in Hamburg, Germany</p>

Friso in Hamburg, Germany

Twenty of Time has no one subject. The only purpose is to provide interesting articles once a week. One week I may end up figuring out minimalism, the next on the ways your brain influences food experience, and the third week I could post a reflection on critical thinking.

The experience has been designed to accomodate reading. Check out the about page for the ideas behind this design.

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Dead at conception: the European Cookie Law

Dead at conception: the European Cookie Law

A retrospective of an unenforceable piece of legislation

The European Cookie Law was intended to protect internet users from unbridled tracking. It aimed to make internet users more privacy-aware and to make tracking mechanisms explicit. When the law was set in place, the internet braced itself for a European Union ready to flex its muscles. But nothing happened. How come?

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